10 tricks to wear high heels

If you have to wear heels all day and cause them pain, these tricks to wear high heels will help to reduce that discomfort or make it disappear.

In this article we look at 10 handy tricks to wear high heels. That way you can wear them while you have as little pain as possible.

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Currently, many women have to dress formally for work or for an event and then decide to wear high heels. For most women, these shoes are anything but comfortable.

For many people, wearing heels is not only about improving your image, but also looking slimmer or more intelligent. It is also a way to guide your clothes and the image you want.

Nevertheless, heels are very uncomfortable for many and can even cause health problems. If you are looking for a few tricks for wearing high heels and to make sure they are comfortable, then we have them for you.

10 tricks for wearing heels and preventing discomfort

When wearing heels, the weight that your feet usually wear is completely shifted.

When you raise the heel height, the front of your foot should carry up to 75% more weight than it is used to. This can damage your feet and knees. It can even change the alignment of your spine.

Take advantage of these tricks for wearing heels and minimize the ill effects of wearing heels.

1. Get to them

If you wear your high heels for the first time, you should not hold them all day long. Instead, you should walk them in bit by bit.

Try to gradually get used to it and start with heels that are not higher than 4 centimeters. If you are used to it, you can go to a higher heel.

2. Start with broad heels

It is undoubtedly a better idea to start with wide heels before you switch to narrower heels. By increasing the support area, your discomfort decreases.

As time passes and you get used to it, you can switch to narrower and higher heels without giving yourself so much pain and suffering.

3. Moisturize your feet

It is extremely important that you keep your feet hydrated with moisturizer, so that you can avoid abrasion. One of the more creative tricks for wearing heels is to put the cream in your shoe and spread it around, so that you can soften the material of the shoe.

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4. Take small breaks

We recommend that you take breaks with any type of heel, even if it is low. This will allow your legs and feet to rest and improve blood circulation.

If you can, give yourself a small calf massage to reduce possible cramps and improve blood circulation.

5. Wear the right size shoe

Although it seems quite logical, we often wear shoes that are too big or too small and that give us more pain.

If they are too small, they hurt and can cause blisters.
On the other hand, if they are too big, your foot will slide and this will put more force on the front of your foot, because you try not to let the shoe go out. Anyway, it is harmful to your feet.

6. Try to find heels with a single closure

If there is a single closure or if the instep is not completely exposed, they can be adjusted much more easily. You do not have to use extra force to prevent your foot from slipping out of the shoe and it will take longer for your feet to become exhausted.

Another trick for wearing heels is finding those with a ‘neckline’ in the form of the letter T.

7. Insoles

In the shop you can find small insoles that can be placed under two different parts of the foot. Depending on where you are most affected, they can be placed under your toes or under your heel.

These insoles relieve the pressure of the weight in this area. We recommend that you keep them in your bag and use them when the pain starts.

So follow these tips for wearing high heels and you will look great without the inconvenience or pain.

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