The Three Best Diets For Weight Loss.

To lose weight, it is important that you prepare yourself mentally and understand that with a healthy and effective diet you will not immediately see results – this requires time.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the miracle diet for everyone. It is therefore better to avoid diets that are claimed to perform miracles. With these diets people often get twice as much afterwards and they can also be harmful to your health.

The 2 Week Diet

In this article we therefore discuss three effective diets that will help you progressively lose those unwanted pounds and at the same time eat a healthy and balanced diet – without starving yourself. Read on to find out more!

-Diets that really work

With a healthy and effective diet it is not necessary at all to starve yourself, to make all kinds of sacrifices, to count calories obsessively or to eat only fat-free products and suchlike. It is also important that you completely forget the fairy tale in which you see amazing results within a few days.

Diets for weight loss that really work are progressive, gradually promote weight loss and at the same time ensure that you are more cheerful and that your mood and health improve. Because of this you will also lose weight more evenly.

-Food habits

The most important factor in all three diets is the way you eat, your eating habits. We offer you a few different options that will help you notice benefits within a few days. With a little patience and a lot of perseverance, with the help of these diets you will certainly be able to reach your goal weight and also be able to maintain this weight, without having to give up all the things you love so much.

1-The low-carbohydrate diet for healthy weight loss

Many nutritionists recommend a diet in which the consumption of carbohydrates is limited. Carbohydrates are a source of energy that are accumulated in the body in the form of fat when they are not completely consumed by the body. Moreover, today we eat far too many carbohydrates, usually refined and of low quality.

In this diet, white flour is completely omitted, including products that contain white flour (bread, pasta, cookies, etc.). In addition, you will also have to avoid most whole-grain products. These products are often made with white flour to which bran has been added and as a result these products only contribute to weight gain.

-What is allowed

However, certain whole-grain products are still permitted, in small quantities:

  • Rice
  • Oats
  • Quinoa
  • Millet

You can eat small portions of these products with your breakfast or lunch, but not with dinner.

And although this may surprise you, you will need to eat more protein and fat instead. Always choose natural, unprocessed products that are of good quality and easy to digest.

-Proteins and fats

Try to eat proteins in the form of:

  • White meat, preferably organic
  • Fish
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts (only a hand per day) and seeds

You can eat fats in the form of:

  • Vegetable oils such as olive oil, linseed oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil or sesame oil
  • Avocado
  • Nuts (again, only a hand per day) and seeds.

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2-The careful dinner diet for healthy weight loss

With this diet it is the intention that all your meals are balanced during the day, but that you mainly pay attention to dinner. This last meal of the day is for many people the culprit for their overweight.

During the day it is important that you eat moderately, without stuffing yourself with certain foods or during certain meals, and taking a snack every now and then. However, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • Always eat your last meal before eight o’clock in the evening. If you are really hungry after eight, you can drink a cup of tea or eat an apple before bed.
  • Your dinner should always consist of vegetables (salad, grilled vegetables, soup or gazpacho) and a lean form of protein (fish, lean meat or eggs), either grilled or fried. For dessert you can take a baked apple or pear.

-How this diet works?

If you follow this simple pattern, you will soon see that you are gradually starting to lose weight. This is because your body eliminates more toxins during the night. This process is prevented if your body has to digest too much food during the night because you have eaten too much during dinner or later in the evening.

3- The limited portion diet for healthy weight loss

The latter diet is based on the simple fact that overeating leads to weight gain. Of course you can still sin a little now and then, as long as you do so in moderation and at the right time of day.

This diet is generally difficult to maintain for people who eat compulsively or people who eat when they are nervous or nervous. However, for people who are well able to limit their amounts, this diet is very suitable.

You can eat up to five meals a day, it is only important that you never eat until you are full. Stop eating when you feel that something can still be added, such as a dessert, but when you are still satisfied.
How do you avoid the urge to eat before meals?

One way to avoid the urge to eat too much is to drink a cup of tea for digestion prior to your meal. This will give you a full feeling.

When you are just starting this diet, it is best to only put the amounts on your plate that you intend to eat. Indeed, once you have determined that this will be your full portion, this will prevent you from bragging even more.

It is important that you learn to understand that food is meant to alleviate your feeling of hunger.
Concluding tips

If you chew your food carefully, you will find that your body does not need huge amounts of food at all. Moreover, you will be better able to digest the food you consume and your body will absorb more nutrients.

The 2 Week Diet

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