Best Tips On How to Arrange Wardrobe Neatly 2019.

An organized wardrobe is the key to an organized room and an organized life. To organize your wardrobe you have to go all your clothes and decide what you really need, and find the best way to reorganize your clothes and other belongings. If you want to know how to organize your wardrobe, follow these steps.

Method 1 Sort your clothes :

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1-Get all your clothes out of the closet. Remove the clothes from the pendants, from all shelves and from all drawers. Fold them up and put them on piles on the floor or on your bed. Put on your shoes too.

2-Decide which clothes you want to keep. The garments you want to keep are the clothes that you wear regularly and would miss if they were no longer in your closet. If you have worn something this week, month or past months, you should leave it in your closet as long as it fits this season.

  • Create a “Save” stack for the clothes you want to keep and wear regularly.

3-Decide which clothing items you want to store. The clothing that you do not wear for the time being because it does not suit this season should be stored. If you’re in the middle of summer, you can store your thick winter jerseys and scarves, and if it’s winter your tops and summer dresses can be out of the closet for the time being.

  • You can also store clothes with a sentimental value, such as the skirt that your grandmother made for you, or an old t-shirt from your football team that no longer fits. Try to keep the number of items of clothing with sentimental value to a minimum.
  • Clothes are ultimately intended to be worn.
  • When you have finished sorting the clothes you want to store, place them in a plastic container or crate. You can store them behind or at the bottom of your closet, or under your bed, in the attic or where you have extra space.

4-Decide which clothing you want to throw away or give away. This is the most difficult step, and also the most important one. If you really want an organized wardrobe, your goal should be to remove as many garments as possible. This does not mean that you have to throw away your favorite things – it means that you should seriously ask yourself whether you will ever wear this clothing.

  • If you have not worn something for more than a year and it has no sentimental value, it’s time to give it away.
  • If you have something that has been paid off, with holes or faded, and no one else can still wear it, it’s time to throw it away.
  • If you have garments that have become too small for you, stop waiting for the day when it will fit again and give it away.
  • Give all clothes that you no longer need and that are still in good condition at a thrift store, a friend or family member.

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5-Clean the inside of the cabinet. You must do this before you put your clothes back. Vacuum the floor, clean the walls and shelves with a cloth with all-purpose cleaner and wipe all cobwebs and dust nests out.

  • If you want to change something about your closet, such as the color, or the number of shelves, you have to do that now.


Method 2-Organize your clothes in your closet


1-Hang up your clothes and organize them. Try to hang as many garments as possible. This makes it easier to find your clothes and saves space. You do not only have to hang your clothes, but also organize them so that you can find everything you need right away. Here are some ways to organize the clothes you hang:

  • Organize your clothes by season. If you have stored clothing from other seasons, organize your clothing per season for half of the year. When it’s summer, hang your summer clothes closest, followed by your fall clothes.
  • Organize your clothes by type. You can separate your shirts, t-shirts, pants, skirts and dresses.
  • Organize your work and casual wear. Separate your working clothes from your casual clothing so that you can dress quickly in the morning.
  • Organize your clothes on how often you wear them. You can think of all sorts of ways to organize your clothes, but hang the things you prefer to wear in the easiest possible place.
  • If you want to go one step further, you can use different color hangers for different types of clothing. For example, you can hang all your outerwear on pink hangers, and your work clothes on green hangers, etc.

2-Put leftover clothing in other parts of your closet. If your bar is full, you have to find other places of the cupboard for the rest of your clothes. The clothes that you put in bins must be used less often than the clothes you hang up, or they have to be pieces that you do not have to hang like your sportswear. Here are some ideas:

  • Do not waste any space under your hanging clothes. Put some plastic bins with clothes under the hanging clothes.
  • If you have room for a chest of drawers, consider putting one in the bottom of your closet. That saves you a lot of space and time.
  • Install clothing stores to store the remaining clothing efficiently.
  • If you still have room at the top, use it properly. Use it to put down thick sweaters, hoodies and other thick items.

3-Organize your shoes. Your shoes take up a lot of space in your closet, so if you have decided which ones you want to keep, it is important to use your space properly by storing them in the most organized and efficient way. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Sort them by type. Keep your neat shoes, sandals, boots and slippers apart.
  • Sort them by how often you wear them. Keep your favorite pair of boots or sneakers at your fingertips.
  • Invest in a shoe rack to put them on the bottom of your closet. That way you can search much easier.
  • Try to put your shoes on a shelf at the top. This saves you space.
  • If your cupboard has a door that you open instead of a sliding door, you can also take a hanging shoe rack.
  • If you have a closet in the hall, you can also store your shoes there.


Method 3-Organize the rest of your closet :


1-Organize all boxes in your closet. If your closet is big enough, you probably have more things stored next to clothes, such as boxes of memories, old photos and CDs that you have not seen for years. To complete the organization of your closet you have to go through these old boxes to see what you want to keep and what to leave. Here’s how you do that

  • Discard any papers that have no sentimental or other value.
  • Add boxes together to save space. If your closet is already full, do some stuff in a different place, for example put your photo albums in the bookcase.
  • If you use cardboard boxes, exchange them for plastic crates. They last a long time and look cleaner.
  • Label the crates so you know what’s inside

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2-Organize all further items in your closet. Take the time to go all the time, so you know if you still need it and if this closet is the best place to keep it. Here are some examples:

  • If you find towels, sheets or blankets in your closet, put them in your linen cupboard.
  • If you have picked something up and you have had to think for at least fifteen seconds what it is or what you might need it for, throw it away.
  • Make sure that all the other things you find are in the closet and not in another place in your house. If there is a box of light bulbs, comic books or chocolate, ask yourself if they do not belong in a more logical place.

3-Make your cupboard look more attractive. Let your creativity run free and think of ways to make your dress-up routine more pleasant. If you spend more time making your closet more beautiful, you may not easily make a mess of it.
Paint your closet in a nice, soft color.

  • Let him glitter with mirrors.
  • Hang your jewelry and scarves where you can see them – as long as they do not get in the way.
  • Hang a small poster or photo in your closet that you have to smile every time you open your closet door.




  • Metal wire hangers are not the best choice. Plastic, wood or fabric-covered hangers cause discoloration or other problems less quickly.
  • Shoe racks that you can attach to the door are very handy to save space.
  • You can consider attaching an extra rod in your closet if you have space for it.
  • If you have space on the bottom, you can put down a chest of drawers.

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