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To have a boil is very annoying. In spite of all my healthy habits, I even suffered from it once. That’s why I want to do everything I can to prevent it in the future and to help you never to suffer.

If you still suffer from a boil, then I also provide information about the existing treatments and of course tips to get rid of them and to prevent a boil.

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A boil is actually an infection in your skin. Usually a boil begins in a hair follicle that becomes inflamed. As a result, they often occur on the hairy areas in your body, such as on the face, in the armpits, your neck and your buttocks or groin.

The place around the boil is turning red and you also get a sensitive bump, which looks very much like a normal pimple, but it just is not.

If you have several boils together, then there is a more serious infection that is also called carbuncle. In that case surgical operations are sometimes also taken. If you have a carbuncle in the neck you have to have it treated, otherwise it can be fatal because the infection can spread in the brain.

The cause of a boil


You might think that a boil is an out-of-control pimp due to too much sebum secretion, but the cause of a boil must be sought by bacteria. Usually a boil is the result of staphylococci. That is a bacterium that is contagious and can enter your body through the hair. Also through minor damage, such as when you cut yourself during shaving.

A boil is recognizable by red skin around a kind of lump. It can be a centimeter in size. That lump is hard and painful. Over time, the lump may become larger and also softer, but it remains painful.

A serious infection can be recognized by a larger area around the pimple that turns red and swells up. It is also very warm. Several boils can form alongside the first boil, the beginning of a carbuncle. A fever can eventually develop and your lymph glands may get swollen.

Always go to a doctor if you have one of these symptoms with a boil!

Even if you have diabetes or take immunosuppressive medication, you should always contact your doctor if you have a boil. The chance that it worsens is much greater than in people who do not take medication or have diabetes.

Boil treatment



You can do a lot at home to treat a boil yourself. That is why I now go into what you should and should not do to get rid of a boil.

Squeezing boils: Do not!

You may think that you should simply squeeze a boil like a normal pimple. Do not do this! This can actually aggravate the infection. Also do not prick with a needle.

A warm compress: Do it!

A warm compress helps to relieve the pain of a boil. In doing so, it pulls the pus to the surface through which the pimple can spurt on its own. This usually happens automatically after 10 days without hot compress, but with the compress you can accelerate this.

The easiest way to make a warm compress is to wet a towel with hot water and place it on the site of the boil. You replace it again when it has cooled down to a kind of lukewarm temperature.
Antibacterial soap: Do it!

If the boil begins to lose the pus, it is important to keep it clean with antibacterial soap or to add alcohol. Just until the boil is completely empty and gone. Not all pus comes out at once. That is why you have to repeat this process. In the meantime, after cleaning with soap and alcohol, you can add betadine and a bandage. Wash the boil two to three times a day.

Antibiotics: Do it!

A doctor can prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the boil. Since a boil consists of bacteria, this is a logical treatment. In addition, the doctor can perform a puncture to check which bacteria are involved and whether the right antibiotics are prescribed or not.

In a severe boil he is trained and you still get antibiotics to clean up the last remnants.

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Pull ointment: Do it!

Pull ointment actually works just like the heat compress. Note that if the pus finally comes out you clean the boil properly. Apply the pulverized ointment and around the boil and rub it gently.

Pull ointment softens the skin on which it is lubricated, making the body easier to remove the pus from the skin. It also stimulates the blood supply so that more pus is made by the body to remove and isolate the bacteria.

Eating garlic: Do it!

Garlic is a natural remedy that works against bacteria and inflammations. So you can already start the “antibiotics cure” by eating raw garlic. When heated, the dust will evaporate against inflammations and bacteria.

In addition, you can also make a kind of pasta from the garlic that you can put on the boil. You use three cloves of garlic for this. Which squeezes and mixes with water. Then you can then apply it to the boil three times a day. Because of the smell it is advisable to do this at home and not at work.

Prevent boils

The occurrence of a boil is of course the very best so that you do not have all the fiddling above written. Because the bacteria that cause a boil are contagious, it is important to reduce the infectivity.
Wash clothing and bedding of a family member with a boil carefully and without becoming infected.

To prevent the spread of the bacteria, it is important to wash used clothes and use bedding. It is important that you do not become infected yourself during washing. So do this carefully.

Clean small wounds

Everyone cuts sometimes during shaving. Everyone has an awkward moment at times that can cause a small wound. To reduce the risk of infection, it is important to wash the wound and possibly apply a patch so that nothing can get in.

Keep an eye on your own hygiene

A pajama day at his time is always nice, but it remains important to keep an eye on your own hygiene. Regular showering, washing your hands after peeing and certainly after a hospital visit can not hurt.

Stay as healthy as possible

Ultimately, your immune system is fighting day and night with viruses and bacteria that can cause a boil, among other things. For the prevention of a boil it is therefore recommended to live as healthy as possible in order to keep your immune system strong. This means healthy nutrition that supports your immune system, such as food with lots of vitamin C. Fruit, such as kiwi, mandarin, mango and melon are often full of vitamin C. Green leafy vegetables are also a good source of vitamin C.

Reduce your stress

Long-term stress has a bad influence on your immune system. That is why it is important to de-stress regularly. There are several ways to de-stress. Daily meditation can do a lot to reduce your stress level.

If you find it difficult to sit still to focus on your breathing, yoga can also be a good way to get the same effects as with meditation, and you will also become even stronger.

In addition, regular exercise can also do a lot to reduce your stress and strengthen your immune system. A walk of half an hour every day can do wonders. Or a few times a week to the gym after which you can dive into the sauna. Always sit on your towel.

Avoid skin contact with places where the bacterium can sit

In line with the previous tip. In an Alaskan village there was an outbreak of people who suddenly all suffered from boils. Because this community was so small, a study was carried out into the contagiousness of boils.

In fact, boils are not contagious, but the bacteria that cause them do. If your boil is just cracked and the bacteria stay somewhere where someone else can get in touch with them, the contagiousness is of course great.

This research showed that many people from that village who suffered from boils visited a steam bath and sat there in their bare ass. The advice was to sit on your own towel, in order to avoid contact with any bacteria and therefore not get a boil on the buttocks

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Reduce your alcohol intake

Especially if you drink more than 2 glasses of alcohol a day. If you regularly drink too much alcohol, this has a weakening effect on your immune system, which increases the chance of a boil. Drink up to 1 glass of alcohol a day and preferably nothing at all.

Shave yourself with the right tools

Scheerschuim does not exist for nothing, it ensures that your razor blade smoother over your body and less quickly behind your skin will continue to cause a small wound. If you do not have a shaving cream, at least you shave with a foaming soap and water.


A boil is very annoying. It does not make you any better, it is painful and if it is (yes!) It is contagious so you have to keep it clean and you should wash your hands more regularly than normal and wear your clothes after wearing.


  • If your boil is very painful, is not gone within two weeks, or if you get several boils, it is important to go to a doctor for a faster treatment.
  • Even if you have diabetes and a weakened immune system, for example due to medication or a disease, it is important to go to a doctor if you suffer from a boil.
  • You can do a lot yourself to get rid of your boil faster. For example, by treating the boil with a warm compress or pull ointment.
  • To prevent a boil, hygiene and a strong immune system are needed. Do not forget to wash yourself on a pajama day and eat and move healthy. De-stressing is also important to keep your immune system strong.

The 2 Week Diet

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