Easy Ways To Make Face Redness Disappear Quickly.

Redness in the face can take different forms. Redness on the cheeks gives a healthy and fresh appearance. As if you’ve just been in the open air or have a good sport. But as soon as this blush remains continuously present, we can disturb us. Especially when the skin is getting redder and the spots are clearly present.

Women usually use foundation to level the skin, but preferably you want to go through life ‘au naturel’ and with a uniform skin color.

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Temporary or permanent redness of the skin?

The skin may turn red due to special circumstances such as flushing, fever, allergies, alcohol, high blood pressure or hot flashes. A red face often goes together with heat, an increased blood flow through dilatation of blood vessels or emotions. A temporary red face is innocent and retreats once the blood vessels contract. This is usually not the redness that we find annoying. The skin gives, as it were, a signal about what is happening inside us, which may not always be fun, but important!


In our practice, many clients appear who are bothered by permanent, possibly spotty, redness of the skin. Usually around the cheeks and nose and on the sides of the neck. Usually there is couperose or diffuse redness. The skin therapist can recognize and treat these complaints well!
The most common permanent red skin spots in practice

When the cheeks, nose or chin are red-colored, this can be caused by a fine network of dilated red blood vessels in the face (telangiectasias). When these dilated blood vessels appear in larger numbers in the face, we are talking about couperose. A spider naevus is also a burst blood vessel, in the form of a spider. The round bumps or dots on the body are usually ‘hemangiomas’ and

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rosacea Rosacea is also becoming more common. Rosacea is an inflammatory condition of the skin, which can develop into different stages. Usually, rosacea starts with diffuse redness due to vasodilation and small burst blood vessels on the cheeks and nose. Later this area can expand and ignite. Rosacea has a chronic character, but the symptoms can be reduced, leaving the skin a calm image.

The ‘sun neck’ poikiloderma of civatte

Poikiloderma from Civatte may sound very rare, but is common among sun worshipers of middle age. There are many among the people in the Netherlands! It is a whimsical red-brown discolouration on the sides of the neck. There is a thinner skin with excessive pigment and red dilated blood vessels. The piece of skin in the middle of the neck, where the chin causes shade, usually remains free of discoloration.
Sensitivity or a skin disease

Redness can also be a sign that the skin reacts sensitively to irritants that penetrate and irritate the (dry) skin. Read our article about sensitive skin here.
Sometimes redness can be caused by an underlying skin disease, such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction or infectious diseases. Then you should consult the doctor or dermatologist.
Accept my couperose or not?

redness skin The down-to-earth Dutch among us often say: “It just belongs to me”. Accepting is of course the easiest and cheapest way. But as soon as these ‘bursting blood vessels’ become more and more striking, they also admitted that it was quite pleasant without this red spotty on our cheeks, nose, chin or décolleté. We still long for that uniform skin of the younger years. Although you hardly noticed at first, you start paying more attention when you look in the mirror. Or you can see it on photos of yourself. Or you notice that you are busy with the concealer every day.

At that time many people decide to inform the skin therapist. “Do you think you are vain?” Is often asked of me. I do not think so. I can imagine that you want to reduce the red spots. That is partly because I know how simple the solution can be. In addition, in some skin complaints it is wise not to walk too long, such as rosacea. I also often hear the reactions afterwards: “I should have done this much sooner!”.


The treatment of redness in the face (and body!)


The dilated blood vessels no longer play a role in the supply of oxygen or discharge of waste products into the skin. That is why they can be safely removed. At Huidzorg Houten we know good advice with the above permanent redness in the face and on the body. For the past five years we have already made many people happy by reducing and removing redness. We do this with the aid of the vascular laser. Now we use the powerful Harmony laser for this. This is the newest and most effective device for treatment of rosacea, diffuse redness and pigmentation spots. We have seen truly groundbreaking results with our clients in recent weeks.
We also help you with advising skin products that are suitable for sensitive and vulnerable skin. Many women benefit from Lycogel, a color-correcting and breathable foundation for sensitive skin with SPF 35.

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The 2 Week Diet

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