How To Cure Chronic Lower Back Pain 2019.

Complaints to the back, neck and shoulders are becoming more common. Research shows that 4 out of 5 people sometimes have to deal with back problems and pain at the neck and / or shoulders. Not everyone goes to a doctor right away and that is not always necessary.

Lower back pain


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A common phenomenon is low back pain. The most likely cause is overload. It can suddenly take off, but it can also gradually develop. The pain is somewhere between the lower ribs and the buttocks and can radiate to the hips and legs. Moving in particular is painful, getting up from bed or sitting down can be quite a task. Low back pain almost always goes over again. Sometimes within a few days, usually within a few weeks, sometimes it takes a few months. Therapists advise to stay in motion, but in a quiet way. It is important to avoid sitting for a long time. If the symptoms persist, it is wise to visit a doctor. Also consult a doctor if the pain is unbearable or if there are tingling in the legs.

Back hernia

Literally, herniated hernia means fracture or bulging. Such a protrusion can start to press on a nervous path and stimulate it, which can cause complaints. With a herniated back, you can have symptoms such as low back pain, sharp pain that penetrates into your lower leg or loss of strength or a drowsy feeling in your leg. Certain movements can make the symptoms worse, but also coughing, sneezing or pressing, for example. It is often thought that surgery should be performed with a hernia, but that is not the case. Usually, a hernia changes automatically after six to twelve weeks. Even with a herniated back, keeping moving is better than bed rest. Painkillers can alleviate the symptoms. Then take paracetamol preferably at fixed times. If that does not help, you can try other painkillers. Muscle-relaxing medications are useless. Visit a specialist if your complaints have not decreased over time.



Not only in your back you can have a hernia, also in your neck. This can be a cause of pain at the shoulders. The nerves that run from your neck to the arm provide the feeling and the motor skills of your whole arm. A pinched nerve creates a radiating pain in the direction of your shoulder, sometimes even in the fingers. Also a neck hernia often heals itself. But if this does not happen, it can be treated with an operation.



The most common pain of shoulder pain is tendonitis, also called tendinitis. An inflammation of a tendon not only causes pain, but also stiffness on the shoulder. It is caused by overloading the joint. In some cases it can be a symptom of a rheumatic condition. Usually it is about rest. Medicine and exercise therapy, manual therapy or physiotherapy can also help.

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Another cause of shoulder pain can be biliary inflammation (bursitis). At various places in the body there are mucus bursaries that ensure that bones, muscles and tendons move smoothly past each other. Similarly in the shoulder. A bursa can become inflamed by overloading the shoulder or a fall or infection. As a result, he swells and the shoulder starts to hurt. A bursitis usually heals calmly. The joint must be examined if recovery does not occur. Drugs can help to inhibit inflammation. A corticosteroid injection can also be given. In severe cases, the bursa can be surgically removed.

Stiff neck

Do you suffer from stiff muscles in your neck? You can have a muscle. Your neck muscles can also become stiff in response to pain. Sometimes your muscles can be so tight, hard and stiff that it looks like your neck is ‘stuck’. It can give you pain and your head can even become crooked. Here too, again: keep moving. Try to exercise very carefully. For example, bend your head ten times forwards and backwards. Then you try to turn your head both ways and then move your ear towards the shoulder. Do not force anything, take painkillers if necessary and do relaxation exercises. A hot shower can also help. If you often suffer from neck complaints, think about how it comes. Are you wrong, for example? Or are you bothered by stress? Once you know the cause, it is also easier to find and find solutions.

Tips To Cure Back Pain.


Back pain is a collective name for various back complaints. Many people suffer from back problems. Do you also suffer from your back? There are a number of things you can do to relieve your back pain.

1. Sleep

With back pain you can often find it difficult to fall asleep. Often you do not know how to lie down. You may be in a vicious circle. Because you are poorly sleeping, your back pain feels worse. A bad sleeping position can also aggravate the pain. Try to lie down on your side with a pillow between your knees to keep the spine in a neutral position. This way you relieve the pressure on your back. Do you prefer to sleep on your back? Then slide a pillow under your knees. Also provide a sturdy and comfortable mattress.

2. Attitude

Did your mother always say that you had to stand up straight and not have to sit down like that? She was right! A lanky attitude is bad for you. Especially if you have been slipping for a long time, behind your computer for example. Sit up straight, keep your shoulders relaxed and ensure that your body is supported by the back of the chair. Keep your feet flat on the floor.

3. Painkillers and muscle relaxants

If you suffer a lot from your back pain, you may want to take painkillers. In addition to paracetamol, you also have painkillers with an anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing effect, called NSAIDs. These are anti-inflammatory painkillers. But these are not suitable for everyone. First ask the doctor for advice before you start this. Do not expect that the back pain is about it, it only relieves the pain. In some cases it may also be the case that the general practitioner prescribes muscle-relaxing drugs.

4. Strengthen your muscles

Physiotherapists can teach you how to sit, stand and move in a way that is best for your back. They can also learn your exercises that strengthen your back muscles. Several studies show that improving strength, flexibility and endurance in the long term reduces back pain.

5. Keep moving

In the past, doctors often gave advice to keep bed rest with back pain. But now they know that lying is one of the worst things you can do. It can even aggravate the back pain. Do not rest more than a day or two. It is important to keep moving, but not to force anything. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to quickly recover from back pain. Especially sports such as swimming, hiking and yoga are good to do.

6. Ice and heat

With a back injury or inflammation it can help to put ice on the painful areas. Try this a few times a day for up to twenty minutes. Always put a cloth between your skin and ice to prevent the ice from freezing on your skin. After a few days you switch to heat. The heat relaxes your muscles and promotes blood circulation. A hot bath or a heat plaster can also help to relax. Never sleep with a heat plaster. These can cause burns.

7. Massage

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It was already known that massage offers a solution for muscle tension and muscle pain. Recent research shows that a short massage lasting about ten minutes every day even helps to prevent inflammation in muscles. That is why it is also a good way to recover from an injury.

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