How To Eliminate Blackheads Naturally.

In general it is not wise to squeeze blackheads yourself. It may be that there are bacteria under your nails. These bacteria could then cause inflammation.

Blackheads are a common skin problem. In particular, they tend to be more common in people with oily skin than in those with drier skin. They often arise when oil solidifies in the pores due to insufficient washing of the face or changes in the weather.

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Remove blackheads

Blackheads are also found on the face, especially around the nose. Usually they are therefore clearly visible. Nevertheless, there are always ways to eliminate them naturally.


To eliminate blackheads and ensure that they do not return, it is important to maintain a good beauty routine, which then guarantees a deep cleansing and good hydration of your skin. Keep reading and find out what steps you need to follow every day to prevent blackheads and then to have brighter skin.

The first step to eliminate blackheads is a deep cleansing of your skin to remove all dirt. To properly clean your face, you can use a homemade face mask or a product to clean your face.

For a home-made mask you need the following:

  • 1 tablespoon oatmeal
  • 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of carrot juice and 1 teaspoon of olive oil

What should you do?

  • First mix all ingredients well until you get a paste.
  • Then apply this to your face and let it work in for 15 minutes.
  • Then remove the mask with plenty of cold water.



To maintain a good beauty routine, it is also important to peel your skin to remove dead cells that remain. It is recommended to do this 2 or 3 times a week to maintain clean and healthy skin.

For this you need the following:

  • A ripe banana
  • Two tablespoons of coarse sugar
  • A teaspoon of almond oil

What should you do?

  • First mix the ingredients well until you get a thick paste.
  • Then massage it in a circular motion on your face and let it soak in for a few minutes.

Face mask made of aloe vera and tomato

With this face mask you remove excess oil and other substances that can influence the formation of blackheads. The moisturizing properties of this mask help keep the skin soft, smooth and free of impurities.

What do you need?

  • A ripe tomato
  • A leaf aloe vera

What should you do?

First blend the tomato well and mix it with the juice of the aloe leaf.
Apply the mixture to your skin and let it soak for 20 minutes.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Combo Pack, 24 Count Strips

Deep Cleaning Pore Strip Combo

Works as a magnet to remove deep dirt, oil and blackheads, so you get the deepest clean. The nasal strips are designed for your nose in a sunny way, while the facial strips can be used anywhere where clogged pores can appear.

You don’t have time for clogged pores, excess fat and imperfections, who does that? But everyone has time to get rid of the pores, that’s it! Biore Deep Cleaning Strips for nose and face act as a magnet for the nasty ones that can clog pores and cause breakouts. Use them on the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead – because dirt and oil do not discriminate. In just 10 minutes a strip removes the value of soaking (yes, soaking!) Dirt from the pores. Yes, it is a bit disgusting ….. but it is also oddly satisfying and a much easier and better alternative to squeezing and squeezing pimples, which is terrible for the skin! So if you have 10 minutes off, you are only 10 minutes away from the results that you can see and feel, you know, when you are in something like that.

  • Remove the strip from the bag
  • Turn the strip to release the individual openings for use.
  • After washing your face, wet your nose well.
  • The strip does not stick to a dry nose. Dry hands. Remove the plastic liner.
  • Apply to the nose, smooth side down.
  • Press the button to ensure contact with the skin. Let stand for 10-15 minutes until it feels stiff, like with papier-mâché.
  • Slow and careful, empire at the edges.
  • Pull toward the center. All residues that remain on the skin can easily be removed with a rinse.


After eliminating impurities, you can make a homemade firming cream to make your skin 100% clean and soft.

To make this you need the following:

  • 1 cucumber
  • Half a liter of water

What should you do?

Cucumber is ideal for repairing, hydrating and reactivating your skin. Thanks to its specific properties, it is perfect for impurities and for removing excess oil from the skin.

  • To make the firming cream for your skin, first slice a cucumber.
  • Then let them boil for 30 minutes in half a liter of water.
  • After cooling, apply this to your skin with cotton wool.

Homemade face masks to eliminate blackheads


Pineapple face mask.

After your skin is completely cleaned, your face is ready for treatment to get rid of those annoying blackheads. The home-made face masks below are ideal for this problem. And if you follow this daily beauty routine, blackheads will soon no longer be a problem for you.
Facial mask of pineapple

This mask is good for all skin types and uses the moisturizing properties of pineapples. It thereby helps to close pores that contain blackheads.

What do you need?

  • Half a cup of natural pineapple juice
  • A tablespoon of honey

What should you do?

  • Mix both ingredients and then apply it to your face.
  • Leave it  on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

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