How To Make My Kids Quite their Technology Addiction.

Today’s article will not only benefit your child, but it will also help you understand and deal with addiction problems.

Is my child a tablet addict?

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“If you have asked yourself this question, you may have noticed that your child gets angry when you take the tablet away or when the battery is empty. Can children really become addicted? Read on to find out.

We have never been so attached to technology as in recent years. These recent changes have ensured that children, even babies, deal with technology as the most natural thing in the world. Because they grew up in a world of digital technology, these children are the digital generation.

The user-friendly design of the technology and the endless functions ensure that children want to use it as soon as they get the chance. However, they can get too attached if we do not teach them how to keep their time and use of phones and tablets under control.
What is technology addiction?

According to studies, dependence or addiction is a problem that is characterized by a lack of self-control that has different consequences. Moreover, it also implies that it is difficult to resist the urge to take a certain action.

Normally, the use of new technology can have a positive impact on young people. However, a child can become a tablet addict if his tablet disrupts all aspects of his or her life.

Sitting on the tablet for a long time can also affect other aspects of life. For example, think of:

  1. family life
  2. school performance
  3. social relations
  4. and so on

As a result, the user becomes a slave to the technology.

My child is a tablet addict – factors

According to specialists, people do not just get addicted to technology and they do not stay on the screen 24/7 with their eyes.

In reality, children gradually become addicted due to a combination of multiple factors. We will explain that in more detail below.
Genetic factors

In many cases, genetic and neurological factors can lead to children developing addicted behavior. To give an example, if one of your family members shows addicted behavior, or if the neurotransmitters are not in balance, then your child can also develop an addiction.

Certain personality types are more likely to develop an addiction.

For example, think of these personalities as emotionally unstable, very impulsive and easily frustrated personality types. People with low self-esteem who lack certain social skills can also be more vulnerable to it.
Family environment

It has been proven from time to time that family dynamics also directly affect the development of a child. Factors that can cause addictive habits in children include:

  1. The poor functioning of the family.
  2. Socio-economic problems.
  3. Lack of attention.
  4. Way of parenting.
  5. Just do not know the dangers of misuse of technology.


Psychological disorders

In some cases children become addicted to technology as a result of a health problem, such as a psychological disorder. This type of case is a compound problem that only an expert can diagnose.

If we look at cases of technology addiction, the following factors are very common:

  1. Severe depressive disorder
  2. Social phobia
  3. Attention deficit disorder
  4. Hyperactivity

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Hard times

Stressful situations or emotional crises during youth can also lead to dependence on technology. Examples of this type of experience are:

  1. The loss of a loved one.
  2. An academic failure.
  3. Physical violence or sexual abuse.

Symptoms of a technology addiction

How can you know if your child has a tablet addiction?

According to an article in Psychology Today, there are certain warning signs:

  1. Getting too little sleep or a disturbed sleep pattern. For example, sleeping less than five hours a day, or going to bed in the early hours of the morning and waking up again.
  2. Ignore important activities. These activities can be family, school or health related.
  3. Not being able to limit the time spent on technology.
  4. Lays about the amount of time spent on electronic devices.
  5. Visibly irritated if there is no internet or if they do not have access to their tablet.
  6. Socially isolated and poor school performance.
  7. Friends or family members often complain about the time they spend on the computer, telephone or tablet.

What can you do if your child is addicted to tablets?

In many sources psychologists suggest that the relationship between the child and the new technology should encourage a healthy and positive life.

Below we share some of our recommendations to prevent your children from developing a technology addiction.

  1. Children under the age of 2 should not yet use screens.
  2. Keep the gradual exposure to the tablet under control.
  3. Set rules and period of use for the use of electronic devices.
  4. Do not completely prohibit the use of the tablet. However, do not allow it during moments with the family or during meals.
  5. Have your child use his tablet in a common room and avoid using it behind closed doors.
  6. Encourage other hobbies and activities such as reading, sports, cultural activities or team activities.
  7. Strengthen and encourage communication within the family.
  8. Spend quality time with your child and give the good example that they can follow for tablet use.
  9. Avoid keeping your children entertained or keeping them quiet with electronic devices.

Consult an expert

Some of the above recommendations only work as a tool to prevent your child from becoming a tablet addict. However, if you already see certain symptoms, your child may already be a tablet addict. To be sure we recommend that you consult a specialist as soon as possible for personal advice.

Today’s article will not only benefit your child. It will also help you understand and deal with the addiction. In addition, hopefully you have learned a few strategies for recovery or prevention with love and respect.

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