The Secret Of How To Gain Weight Fast Tips 2019.

The Secret Of How To Gain Weight Fast Tips 2019.A question that I do get regularly is how can I successfully arrive. If you look at the media, you will notice that most of the advice is about losing weight, but you do not hear that much about arriving. I have experience with both losing weight and arriving, I can tell you that both losing weight and arriving in terms of advice are comparable.

To get rid of the excess pounds, it is advisable to eat healthier and snack less. The same applies to arriving, because an unhealthy diet is certainly not a sustainable method to arrive.

The 2 Week Diet

Arriving is more than just eating high-calorie food, if I can give you one tip, you should eat the right and healthy foods. It is very tempting to eat more fast food, but an unhealthy diet is linked to a variety of complaints. That means: you might look slim from the outside, but inside you do not have the health you could have.

If you have the goal of arriving at the places where it accentuates your figure, then continue reading. Because I’m going to give you 10 useful tips on how you can arrive permanently!

Causes of being too thin:

Now there are several possible reasons why you may be too thin. First of all, it is useful to determine what your BMI (body mass index) is, which looks at your height and weight. According to this guideline, you speak of being underweight at a BMI of about 18.5. Do you want to know what your BMI is? Then read the body mass index article.

However, too thin does not immediately mean unhealthy, the ideal image of today is also disrupted in my opinion in terms of normal healthy weight.

It may very well be that you have always been too thin compared to people in your area. It may also be good that you want to arrive all your life, but have not yet been successful. I myself was always quite thin and during my student years I walked the path of fast food, little exercise so I arrived, but in the wrong places.

Then I had to lose weight for the first time in my life, only then did I fall off too much and wanted to arrive healthy this time. What I have learned is that arriving should be treated in the same way as losing weight. You must have a clear plan and keep it as consistent as possible.

Simply eating more is often not the solution and not feasible in the long term.

If you are someone with a very fast metabolism then it can be very difficult to arrive, because you can eat more, but this is also burned much faster. The net result is that arriving is not easy or that you even lose. A good friend of mine is someone with a fast metabolism, he has to eat very consistently because the result is different

But also certain disorders, chronic stress or emotional problems can be the cause of being too thin. In particular, disorders or medication that affect your metabolism.

Below are some of the most common causes of being too thin:

  • Genetic factors, it can be very good in your family, do you have a thin father and / or mother?
  • Conditions, when you are recovering from a disease or emotional problems can affect your appetite. But also disorders linked to your metabolism or absorption of nutrients (such as chemotherapy).
  • Depressions, when you have depression can certainly affect your appetite, the downside can be developing obesity.
  • Anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders is usually the cause of underweight.
  • Overactive thyroid, this can be examined by a specialist. Usually an overactive thyroid gland ensures that your metabolism is influenced and underweight can occur.
  • Intolerance against certain foods. This will result in a reduced intake of nutrients, resulting in underweight.
  • Knowing what might be the cause of being underweight or being too thin is of great importance to you! Especially when there are no medical factors that can cause underweight, this is important.

If you are not sure, contact your doctor for an investigation.

Well, now that we have dealt with that, I will now give you some tips that have made the difference for me, some of these tips are self-evident, success depends on their correct and consistent execution:

Arriving tip # 1: Eating more high-calorie products

Nuts are calorie-rich Calories are burned for the basic functions of your body. If you also exercise a lot or do sports, your body will consume extra calories. A handy method to determine how many calories you need is to first determine how many calories you are currently consuming.

Arriving tip # 2: Calorie rich snacks is the key to success

Bananas If you have a faster metabolism or that arriving is not easy, regular snacking is a good tip. However, make sure you snack healthy. So I always have a bowl of almonds on my desk, I eat a small meal every 2.5 hours.

This way you always have enough calories in your system and you will not lose weight. It would be best if you take 5-6 small meals instead of 3 large meals, while you can also snack a little.

Arriving tip # 3: No more junk food

junk food is tempting to eat more junk food because you do not arrive that fast. But junk food is simply not good for you if you eat it regularly. The answer to the arriving question is not by eating unhealthier. The answer is right by eating healthier and more often.

Of course you can have a ‘cheat day’ insert once a week that you enjoy a tasty pizza or a fries, but do not make it the basis of your diet.

Arriving tip # 4: Variation and consistency

A healthy diet is quite varied, now it is not feasible to eat more varied. My own guideline is to make a few super healthy meals and to switch between them. For example, for my breakfast (never to skip), I have a small dish of low-fat yogurt, with linseed, oatmeal, blueberries and a banana. This is caloric and also healthy and varied.

fresh salad For lunch you can make a salad or a few wholegrain or spelled bread with organic peanut butter. For example, calorie-rich snacks are a handful of almond nuts, walnuts, peanuts, bananas, peanut butter or wholemeal bread.

Do not forget to leave the bad fats such as butter and margarine or in very limited quantities. Your health is also important and not just your weight.

Arriving tip # 5: Calorie-rich drinks in small quantities

A useful tip to promote your digestion is to drink a glass of water at one o’clock and one hour after a meal. Also taking a walk promotes the appetite so you actually get the 5-6 meals a day. Calorie-rich drinks you have to be careful, often they are not too healthy.

A good tip is to first drink plenty of water, then alternate with high-calorie drinks such as almond milk, skimmed milk or healthy smoothies!

Arriving tip # 6: Strength training for muscle mass

muscle training A very simple way to keep on coming is to increase your muscle mass, this works for both men and women. You do not have to worry about being too muscled, a lot is needed to change your body in figure. However, a few pounds of extra muscle mass is certainly not impossible.

The trick is to do strength training with weights several times a week. You can do this at home with a kettle bell or small weights. My personal preference goes to the gym because of all the equipment there. But at home it also works fine, so I have a set of weights in my office and in the break I do a set and it costs almost no effort, but my muscle mass goes on the wind.

However, you will have to increase the intensity as you go further. Do not forget that you do not have to spend hours in the gym, you can expect results from 90 minutes per week. This includes a diet with sufficient protein for maximum muscle recovery. Think of eggs, low-fat dairy products, cottage cheese, meat, fermented soy products or possibly a whey protein shake after training.

Arriving tip # 7: Take sufficient rest

Especially in strength training, you also need to have enough rest. Just training and not resting does not give you the desired result. Never do the same exercise for two days in a row, always swap with the muscle group and charge 2 rest days a week for maximal muscle recovery.

Arriving tip # 8: Not too much cardio

If you like running you will have to realize that cardio makes it harder to arrive, unless you get enough calories. It is better to do cardio once a week instead of too often. I myself now do small miniloopjes of 10-15 minutes and I do not fall off.

Arriving tip # 9: Measuring = knowing

measuring It is very useful to keep your calorie intake but also how much you move and arrive well. This works very motivating because your results begin to see and measure. Create an Excel document or a script in which you clearly write down what your goals are and what it stands for.

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Arriving tip # 10: Make it a routine

Ultimately, this way of living and eating must become a routine. Of course it happens that you skip a meal or do not go to the gym. However, be aware that a routine must be built and it is better not to break it too much for at least 30 days. After about 30 days it is part of your lifestyle and it goes without saying.


The 2 Week Diet

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