You Will Thank Us – 10 Tips About How Should A Woman Dress For An Interview All You Need To Know 2019.

Can you show through your clothing during the job interview that you are an excellent candidate? Four experienced recruiters give tips.

10-tips from recruiters for clothing during the job interview

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Of course, those who apply must look neat. But how do you get behind the dress code of the organization where you can talk? And how can you have something of your own personality in your clothing style hint?

1. Overdress

How nicely should you be dressed for a job interview? ‘In the end you can be better overdressed than underdressed,’ says senior HR advisor Marlica Ligtelijn of Rabobank Rotterdam. ‘If you appear overdressed on your interview, you will at least be serious about it’, says corporate recruiter Desirée Markus at FrieslandCampina. “You show non-verbally that you have prepared yourself and would like the job.”

2. Dress as your future colleagues

Ligtelijn: ‘Try to find out in advance what the dress code is for the company you are applying for. Then you can make sure that you connect as much as possible. ‘ Senior recruiter Madelon van den Hoven at Deloitte: ‘At a bank I would always dress businesslike, at a start-up you can often be less formal dressed.’

P & O advisor Tamara Baars of ArtEZ: ‘I was mainly employed, and still, in the non-profit sector. In general, the clothing style is fairly casual, although you can see more suits and skirts in the upper management layers. The style is very diverse in art education where I am currently working. From super hip to very special and from just neat to casual with sneakers. And here and there men are walking around in suits. ”

3. Do research

Markus: ‘Some preparation is advisable. Ask tips to people who know the company well or perform a similar function. ‘

Baars: ‘If you live in the neighborhood, you might want to visit the company beforehand to catch a glimpse of the people who work there.’

4. You do not have to distinguish yourself in your clothes

And what if in the daily reality you are always dressed very informally? Or have a special clothing style? Is it not fair to show that? Ligtelijn: ‘Of course that is fair, but if you apply for a particular company, you also assume that you will be part of that company’s culture.’

5. A dress code that does not suit you is a bad sign

Baars: ‘If your own style deviates too much from the dress code within the organization, then you have to ask yourself if you can bring it up to you every day. If you are in doubt, you can choose to make this clear immediately during the application process: follow your own style and then discover how this falls on the other side of the table. I honestly think that a person will not be happier if he or she has to wear clothes every day that do not fit very well with their own taste or style. ‘


6. Do not let your appearance be a distracting factor.

Markus: ‘I have seen that a candidate looked unkempt, but otherwise had a very good conversation. I then told her what we had noticed and if she would want to pay attention to this next time. That ended well. But for the same money you are rejected on the fact that you are not found to be representative. ‘

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Baars: ‘Actually, I can not remember examples of applicants who made an extra good impression with their clothes. Ultimately, the conversation and its content is leading, not the outfit. Conversely, it can be disruptive: if someone has paid insufficient attention to the clothing. That can raise the question: how seriously do you take this conversation and your discussion partners? ‘

7. Heat? Trust the air conditioning

What if it is very hot? Can you then slightly deviate from the dress code? Baars: ‘In general, you can dress a bit more lightly when it’s hot, but avoid too much looking at unwanted places.’ Markus: “I would not take any risks for a job interview. Most companies also have air conditioning. ‘

Ligtelijn: ‘You can ask in the conversation whether you object to it when you take your jacket off. Do not go to a job interview with open shoes. For women there are very thin summer pantyhose that are not warm. ‘

8. Also pay attention to comfort

You should of course be able to breathe freely in your outfit. Markus: ‘I always find it positive when a candidate, although cared for and businesslike, appears in a comfortable outfit. It is also important that the clothing fits well and that the candidate feels confident about it. Even if the outfit does not quite fit the company or function. ‘

9. Clothing blunder? Bring the dress code up


Markus: ‘If you miss the board because you do not get dressed well on your conversation, stay calm. You can not change anything at that moment. As a result, put yourself down to the situation as quickly as possible and focus on the conversation. Make a joke or name your “wrong” clothing choice at the beginning of the conversation. You may also be able to ask questions about the dress code within the organization or for the position during the interview. ‘


10.The right clothing varies per company

But how do you find the right dress code? You can get an impression of the company culture by reading the website, network with employees or just ask the recruiter. If you call before your conversation to discuss the latest details about your conversation, it is not surprising to ask the question; “What is the dress code with you?”. It is even a sign that you are preparing as well as possible!


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