You Will Thank Us – 10 Tips how to cure body odor permanently 2019.

Almost everyone is worried about his or her body odor. Who has not even done a (hopefully) inconspicuous armpit check? Fortunately, there are ways to solve the problem quickly, and there are steps you can take to become more hygienic so that you will never again suffer from a bad body odor.

1-Quick solutions for bad body odors


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1-Wash your body.



If you find yourself stinking, jump in the shower if you have time. Body odor is caused by bacteria that cause you to stink, so if you rinse your body (and especially the parts that stink the worst) you will quickly get rid of the smell. It is important to use soap or an antibacterial cleanser when washing yourself, and not just water.

Concentrate in the shower especially on your armpits and your feet, because these are the two places that stink the most.

2-Use an antiperspirant.

An antiperspirant prevents you from sweating with the help of certain chemicals (such as aluminum), which will make you stink less. Many of these resources work throughout the day, but some you have to apply more often, especially if you have, for example, sported.

In contrast to deodorant, an antiperspirant prevents you from sweating, while deodorant only masks the smell.
There is a lot of talk about the link between the aluminum that is in antiperspirant and breast cancer or Alzheimer’s, but there is no adequate evidence that the two have to do with each other, so it should be safe to use.

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3-Use deodorant to quickly mask body odors.

Sweating is not bad for you (unless you sweat excessively or if it is a symptom of an underlying problem), so you do not have to block sweat completely. Sweating has the goal to cool your body, but you can keep it under control so that it does not happen at inappropriate times. Deodorant masks the smell, without the sweating itself to counter.

One deodorant works longer than the other. If you are looking for a quick solution for your dirty body odor, apply deodorant immediately if you have one. If you like to smell nice for a long time, consider buying a more expensive deodorant.

4-Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide.

If you are at home and do not have a deodorant or antiperspirant, you can mix a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 250 ml of water.

Stir the mixture well and then dip in a washcloth. Rub with the washcloth under your armpits to get rid of the bad body odor.

5-Rub disinfectant gel under your armpits.

In case of emergency you can lubricate a disinfectant gel for your hands under your armpits. Apply the disinfectant gel as follows:

Squeeze a small amount of disinfectant gel into your hand. Rub your arm under your armpits. The decontamination gel kills the bacteria that cause the smell.

6-Use absorbent wipes.

If you sweat a lot and are afraid it will stink, use an absorbent cloth, or blotting paper, to wipe away the sweat. These papers are very effective to absorb moisture, so rub them under your arms (or anywhere else when you sweat) so that it does not smell.

7-Rub with an alumstone over the places where the smell comes from.

Alum is a mineral that has bactericidal properties, with which you can fight body odors. You use an alum stone just like you use deodorant.

If you sweat, the stone was finished after use.

8-Rub mud on the stinking spots of your body.

If you are in nature and do not have a deodorant or antiperspirant with you, rub mud under your armpits or feet and let it dry. When it dried up you were finished. This will dry out dead skin cells and you can remove them so that you smell less. It actually works the same as a mud mask.

9-Spray vinegar on the stinking places.


If you prefer not to use things from the store, try some natural remedies to get rid of your dirty body odor as quickly as possible. Vinegar is a natural antiseptic that can kill bacteria or fungi at problem areas (such as your feet or armpits). Spray some white vinegar or apple vinegar on the spots and dry it.

You can also dilute vodka with water and spray it under your armpits. This was described by the American comedian Joan Rivers as an “old Broadway trick” that she herself also used.
If vinegar is not really your thing, you can also use other natural sterilizing remedies, such as tea tree oil or witch hazel, which have a similar effect to vinegar.

10-Use diluted lemon juice.

Lemon juice is seen as a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal agent. [7] That is why it can also be used in the fight against body odors. To apply lemon juice under your armpits or on your feet you can squeeze lemon juice on a clean washcloth, or you can rub the problem areas with a slice of lemon.

You may have to experiment with the amount of lemon juice that you apply to your skin. Lemon juice is very acidic, which means that your skin can get irritated by it. If that is the case, rinse the lemon juice and wait a few hours before applying a smaller amount of juice.
You can also dilute the lemon juice with water.

2-Good hygiene to prevent body odors


1-Shower regularly.

As mentioned above, a shower can help to quickly reduce body odors. Make sure you shower every day so that you feel fresh when you do your daily activities. If you shower:

Make sure you scrub a few times a week. This allows you to remove dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria, and these all play a role in the development of body odor. You can buy a scrubbing agent at the drugstore, or you can make it yourself, for example, salt or sugar.

2-Keep your skin dry.

Bacteria like moist conditions, heat and the right pH-value and salt concentration, and let that all just be the case at places where the skin is pleated. That is why it is important to dry your skin when it becomes damp, whether it is by the shower or by sweating.

Use kitchen paper or blotting paper to wipe sweat and other moisture.
You can also apply some powder after showering in places such as your armpits to prevent moisture.

3-Shave your armpits.

This applies to both men and women, although it is more common for women to shave their armpits. If you take the hair from under your armpits, you will start to stink less because the hair can better hold the smell; if you have less hair, the body odor will linger less quickly.

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4-Wear breathable fabrics.


There are certain synthetic materials that do not breathe very well, unless they have been specially developed for that purpose (such as polyester mix). If you worry about your body odor, wear cotton, wool or silk, because they can absorb moisture better and breathe better, so you will sweat less and stink less.

You can also wear a cotton or silk shirt underneath your clothes so that the sweat can not penetrate the outer layers of your clothes.

5-Wash your clothes regularly.

As mentioned above, your body odor can also be drawn into your clothes. If you’ve sweated a lot in a t-shirt and you let it dry without washing it, it will probably stink the next day. Always wash your clothes when you have sweated them so that they smell nice and fresh.

3-Making changes in your lifestyle to combat odors


1-Eat healthy.

What you eat determines in part how you smell. If you suffer from body odor, do not eat certain foods, and some do more. These include: :

  • Foods that you have to avoid: large quantities of red meat, garlic, onions, spicy food, and processed foods with a lot of sugar. This can make your body odors worse. Do not drink too much caffeine, because you will also stink.
  • Foods you should eat: green leafy vegetables, wholegrain cereals, raw nuts and seeds, healthy fats (salmon, avocado, olive oil, etc.) and herbs that cleanse your body (such as parsley, coriander, celery, mint, sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano)

2-Make your bowels healthy.

Some serious cases of dirty body odor are caused by problems with the intestines. Maybe your intestines can not digest certain nutrients properly, causing you to stink. You can make your intestines healthier at home, but if the problem persists you can get help from your doctor. Ways to make your bowels healthier are:

  • Taking probiotic supplements to make your intestinal flora healthy.
  • Taking digestive enzymes with meals or drinking apple vinegar to support digestion.

3-Take wheat grass or chlorophyll supplements.

Chlorophyll supplements are seen as natural internal fragrance fresheners, which keep you smelling throughout the day. Add some chlorophyll supplements to your daily vitamin regimen.


4-Reduce stress.

Stress stimulates the apocrine glands, and these are glands that cause body odor. That means that if you are scared, angry or stressed, you will stink more.

Meditation can help to relax. If you meditate for 15 minutes a day you will find that you can deal with stress better (so that you smell better).
Yoga is another good way to reduce stress.


5-Try to detoxify.

By cleaning your body, especially if you think your body odor is caused by the food you eat, you can improve your body odor so you will smell nice and fresh.

There are all kinds of cures to detoxify, so consult your doctor before you start one, especially if it is a very rigorous cleansing cure. This is even more important if you have a medical condition.

6-Stay hydrated.

If you drink a lot of water your body can excrete waste materials more easily. This can be good for your health, which makes you smell better.

The average woman has to drink 2.2 liters of water per day, while a man needs 3 liters.


7-Exercise regularly.

This may sound like the upside-down world because you are sweating sports, but if you exercise enough, it will help against bad body odors in the long run. By exercising you can exhale toxins that have built up in your body, causing the foul odor to occur.

Make sure you take a shower after exercise and dry yourself well.

8-Consult a doctor if the body odor does not pass.

If you have tried the above steps and are not helping, you may have a medical condition that causes the smell. Go to a doctor or dermatologist to talk about your body odor and have a diagnosis made. Maybe you have Bromhidrosis, a condition that makes you smell bad.

The doctor can prescribe a medical antiperspirant. This can cause skin irritation, so only use it if you have a condition.
Botox can block the sweat glands and make you sweat less. Again, do this only if you have a medical problem, because it is expensive and painful. The effects are noticeable for only a few months, so it is not always a long-term solution.


  • If your feet stink, you should always wear socks (the sweetest of cotton, because it absorbs moisture faster and dries faster), and they change every day.
  • Replace your bedding regularly. Use white sheets because you can bleach them. You spend eight hours a day between those sheets.
  • Do not mix too much soap, deodorant, perfume, etc. The mix of odors does not always work well.
  • Buy some of those wet wipes (just like baby wipes) so you can always freshen up quickly. You can also soak some pieces of kitchen paper in cleaning alcohol and put them in a plastic bag.
  • If you use medication, consult your doctor. Some medication can cause you to sweat or stink.
  • If you have a strong body odor, this can be caused by fungal growth. Anti-fungal shampoo can do wonders.
  • Consult your doctor for stronger medication because these are usually only available on prescription.
  • Take a foot bath with salt. Because feet are often problem areas, it can help to take a salt bath from time to time. Salt kills bacteria, which often causes the smell.
  • Apply talcum powder to the armpits of your clothes. Apply it to your armpits yourself, after you’ve done the deo. Just do not rub your armpits.
  • Clean your armpits after shaving. You can use alcohol or peroxide for this.
    If you smoke but do not want to stop, try e-cigarettes. These only excrete water vapor.


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